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Ted was generally muttering loudly and angrily about all the layabouts who should be off somewhere working for a living instead of crowding up his place of business. This was a couple of years after I met Ted, unaware of what a wildman he’d been in his youth. Raines | If they were still there at 6 p.m. closing time, he’d say, “Alright, get the hell out of here. You’re cutting into my drinking time.” Drinking time was serious business to Ted, who was enough of a Jack Daniels man that his demise will probably be reflected in the company’s annual earnings. visit this site right hereI remember the day I met Ted and Joe for the first time. I’d never been in to the shop, but my car conked out right in front so I got it going and pulled in. While Joe was busy examining my malfunctioning vehicle, three kids wearing private school uniforms drove up in a convertible BMW. One hollered at Joe from the back seat, “Hey, how much for the International Scout?” Without looking up, Joe said, “Not for sale.” The kid, skinny with a shock of blonde hair that hung over his eyes, jumped over the side of the BMW and came toward Joe saying, “No, I want to buy it.” Joe looked up from my engine and said, “I told you its not for sale.” “You don’t understand,” the kid said, by this point a few feet from Joe. “My Dad has money.

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