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It is not the first time the VA failed to check fact check qualifications. A KARE 11 investigation found the VA failing all across the country to check if the doctors doing traumatic brain injury examinations were properly qualified. RELATED: KARE 11 Investigates: Invisible Wounds The Department of Veterans Affairs has since recalled nearly 25,000 veterans for new TBI testing with qualified medical professionals. KARE 11 also exposed examples on the VA’s own website where doctors were listed as having medical specialty certifications they did not really have . However, when KARE 11 tried to determine whether the VA in Minnesota is ensuring veterans battling mental issues are seeing certified councilors as the law requires, we ran into an unexpected roadblock. Minnesota Department of Human Services (MDHS) is the state agency tasked with certifying peer specialists. While states including Wisconsin and Florida readily provided records showing just who they have certified as peer specialists, MDHS refuses to do so. MDHS maintains that because they are a welfare agency, most records they collect including information about peer specialists is considered welfare data and is not public under Minnesota law. Because Minnesota keeps information about peer specialist certifications secret, there is no way for veterans or anyone else in the public to verify whether a peer specialist has been certified as federal law requires.

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