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tips for selection interview

In an interview of CNN’s “New Day” on Friday, Schumer said Democrats are willing to work with Donald Trump on things they believe in but pledged to fight “tooth and nail” against the incoming president when he goes against their values. “I am ready for the fight. I really am. I mean, it’s a tremendous responsibility. This president ran an unconventional campaign to say the least,” Schumer said. “He pleased many people but upset many more, probably, and they’re looking to us to hold up that banner and we will,” he added. “Not just for its own sake. Not to, quote, ‘see him fail,’ but to hold to the values that so many Americans hold dear.” Schumer suggested Democrats would begin the fight by pushing back against some of Trump’s controversial Cabinet nominees. New York Senator told CNN it is too early to tell whether all of Trump’s nominees will be confirmed but argued that the Cabinet selection has been a “disaster” for the president. Schumer accused Senate Republican leaders of trying to rush through nominees that need scrutiny, noting that some nominees had not filed the paperwork required by the Office of Government Ethics. my sourcesHowever, Schumer said some of Trump’s nominees are not controversial, such as retired Marine Corps General James Mattis as Defense Secretary and retired Marine Corps General John Kelly as Homeland Security Secretary.

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tips for selection interview

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